Comprehensive Guide to DUI Defense in Tucson, Arizona: DM Cantor’s Expertise and Legal Insights

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Tucson DUI Defense firm in Arizona

When considering who constitutes the best Tucson DUI Defense firm in Arizona, experience plays a crucial role. David Michael Cantor, a former prosecutor, established himself as a skilled Tucson DUI Attorney upon joining the State Bar of Arizona in 1989. His legal career commenced as an Assistant City Prosecutor and DUI Lawyer for the City of Phoenix. Recognized as a top Arizona DUI Defense Lawyer, David Cantor founded DM Cantor, building a formidable Criminal Defense team in Arizona. He brings profound knowledge of Arizona’s DUI laws and vigorously defends clients against Tucson DUI prosecutions. Whether facing a single charge in Tucson AZ or multiple DUI charges, DM Cantor provides robust legal representation.

Tucson DUI Lawyers

In addition to David Cantor’s extensive experience in the Phoenix area, the efficacy of Tucson DUI Lawyer defense results and certifications is pivotal. Alongside David’s status as a Board-Certified Criminal Law Specialist, his partners Christine Whalin and Joey Hamby also hold this prestigious certification. DM Cantor boasts the highest number of Complete Jury Trial Acquittals among DUI Defense firms. Residents of Pima County who confront a Tucson DUI arrest must engage an adept DUI Defense Attorney to navigate the complexities of the Tucson criminal justice system. For individuals researching effective defenses for felony DUI cases or exploring first-time DUI penalties, securing the services of the best Criminal Lawyer adept at handling Tucson clients is essential. DM Cantor stands as a Criminal Law Firm in Tucson, Arizona, committed to defending clients across a spectrum of criminal matters and DUI offenses. Click here for a list of questions to ask when interviewing a Tucson DUI Attorney to represent you in your legal proceedings.

Tucson DUI Charges and Their Potential Penalties

Those charged with a DUI in Tucson AZ must understand the potential consequences they face in Tucson Jail. Skilled Tucson DUI Lawyers like those at DM Cantor possess comprehensive knowledge not only of Tucson’s stringent laws and court protocols concerning First Time DUI offense penalties but also the severe penalties for repeat DUI offenders. Below is an overview of DUI charges and their associated penalties:

  • Regular DUI/Impaired Driving — ARS 28-1381(A1): Defined as operating a motor vehicle while impaired to any degree. This charge is irrespective of blood or breath alcohol content.
  • Regular DUI/BAC(.08 – .149) — ARS 28-1381(A2): Involves operating a motor vehicle with a blood or breath alcohol concentration of .08 to .149, regardless of impairment.
  • Regular DUI/Drug Impairment — ARS 28-1381(A3): Operating a motor vehicle while impaired by drugs, regardless of legality.

First Offense – Mandatory Minimum Punishment: Includes jail time, license suspension, interlock ignition device installation, alcohol screening and classes, and substantial fines.

Second Offense – Mandatory Minimum Punishment: Involves increased jail time, extended license revocation, higher fines, and community service obligations.

  • Extreme DUI/BAC(.150-.199) — ARS 28-1382(A1): Operating a motor vehicle with a blood or breath alcohol concentration of .150 to .199.

First Offense – Mandatory Minimum Punishment: Includes jail time, license suspension, interlock ignition device, fines, and related costs.

Second Offense – Mandatory Minimum Punishment: Involves harsher penalties, including longer jail sentences, increased fines, and extended community service requirements.

  • Super Extreme DUI/BAC .20 and above — ARS 28-1382(A2): Operating a motor vehicle with a blood or breath alcohol concentration of .20 or higher.

First Offense – Mandatory Minimum Punishment: Includes jail time, license suspension, extended interlock ignition device requirement, alcohol screening, fines, and related costs.

Second Offense – Mandatory Minimum Punishment: Involves severe penalties, including extended jail time, increased fines, license revocation, and extended interlock ignition device use.

  • Felony Aggravated DUI — ARS 28-1383: Various circumstances can elevate a DUI to a felony, including multiple offenses within a specified period, driving with a suspended license, or DUI with a child in the vehicle.

Possible Punishments: Include significant prison time, extended license revocation, mandatory interlock ignition device, alcohol assessment and classes, and loss of certain civil rights.

DM Cantor possesses unmatched expertise in defending against Tucson area DUI charges, whether they are a person’s initial DUI offense or a felony DUI. Our experienced Tucson DUI Lawyers understand the legal nuances necessary to challenge chemical DUI tests effectively and secure favorable outcomes for clients facing Arizona DUI charges. If you are in this situation, schedule a consultation with DM Cantor’s Tucson DUI Lawyers without delay.

MVD Matters Separate from Criminal Charges

In Arizona, individuals charged with a Tucson DUI must contend with the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD), irrespective of the case’s outcome. This includes scenarios where charges are either dismissed or result in conviction. Upon DUI arrest, officers typically request or attempt to obtain a blood, breath, or urine sample, invoking Arizona’s Implied Consent/Administrative Per Se Affidavit. This stage triggers specific deadlines, notably the 30-day limit to request a hearing. Below, detailed information outlines the MVD process and its implications, whether you were cited for DUI on the spot or not.

Impounded Vehicle Issues

Tucson DUI Police Officers are authorized to impound vehicles following DUI arrests under Arizona Revised Statute 28-3511. However, court-imposed restrictions govern the duration of vehicle holds, contingent on charge type and anticipated Blood Alcohol Concentration outcomes. Detailed information concerning how to request a hearing regarding Police-impounded vehicles in Tucson following a DUI arrest is provided to all DM Cantor clients.

The Top 20 DUI Defenses in Tucson, Arizona

DM Cantor has achieved substantial success defending against Tucson DUI charges, securing Not Guilty verdicts or outright Dismissals through a range of proven defenses. Our skilled Tucson DUI Lawyers specialize in all DUI case types and criminal defense matters. David Cantor, a leading DUI Lawyer in Tucson, has successfully employed these defenses against the Tucson Police Department for over 30 years. All members of our firm are extensively trained in these strategies, making DM Cantor the premier choice for Tucson Criminal Defense and Pima County DUI Attorneys dedicated to challenging DUI cases and offenses in Tucson.

Examples of Effective DUI Defenses Include:

  • No Reasonable Suspicion to Stop: Occurs when a Police Officer conducts a traffic stop without reasonable suspicion of a crime.
  • No Actual Physical Control: Refers to situations where the Police cannot prove a person was controlling a vehicle.
  • Inability to Establish Time of Driving: Common defense when the exact time of driving cannot be determined.
  • No Witness to Driving: Applies when no witnesses can testify to a person’s driving.
  • Corpus Delecti Defense: Challenges the absence of evidence linking a person to driving the vehicle involved.
  • Improperly Administered Field Sobriety Tests: Highlights issues with administering standardized field sobriety tests.
  • No Probable Cause for Arrest: Asserts that Police lacked sufficient probable cause to make a DUI arrest.

What to Expect When DM Cantor Represents You

Individuals charged with a DUI in Arizona rely on experienced attorneys to handle their Tucson Criminal Defense cases in the Pima County court system. At DM Cantor, our approach is guided by our Core Purpose: “We are here to help people navigate through the toughest time of their lives.” We execute our DUI Attorney services based on three key principles: Hard Work, Trial Skills, and High Touch Client Service.

For misdemeanor DUI cases, DM Cantor typically represents clients at Tucson City Court proceedings, allowing them to avoid missing work or school. In contrast, felony aggravated DUI charges necessitate appearance at Maricopa County Superior Court unless a Motion is filed and the Judge permits non-appearance, typically for out-of-state clients who sign documentation acknowledging their next Court date.

While facing a DUI charge can be incredibly stressful, DM Cantor strives to provide peace of mind to our clients, recognizing that “you pay us to get the ulcers.” For a complimentary consultation with an affordable Tucson DUI lawyer regarding your legal defense needs, contact DM Cantor today.

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